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Youth Education And Entrepreneurship

Youth education and entrepreneurship is getting the youth informed and educated on relevant information and skills that will aid them to be entrepreneurially oriented to make sustainable livelihood. Previously, attempts have

been made for youth engagements, skill acquisition and empowerment. Lots of skill acquisition centres have been built in all the senatorial zones and almost in all the constituencies. However, a thorough survey indicates that 95% of these centres are moribund.

The World Data Atlas Nigeria puts the unemployment rate in Anambra state to be 17.5% in 2018.   After Universities, graduates roam about the street without job. The escalation of unemployment persists because of government inability to create enabling environment for private sectors to create jobs. Some that have created jobs have been closed down because of high cost of manufacturing. Others have either sacked or retrenched their workers because of inability to pay salaries and maintain facilities. The deteriorating situations have created avenues for lots of social ills among the youths.


Substance abuse which many youths indulge in to alter consciousness through the misuse of drugs, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine or any other sedative substances are classified by World Health Organization as unsanctioned use, hazardous use, dysfunctional use, and harmful use. No matter the level, misuse of substances cause socio-economic problems and is hazardous to individual lives.

Another disturbing side of unemployment is that some of the youths are enticed/ forced into thuggery, armed robbery and hooliganism. It is mostly the jobless youths who form themselves into thugs. They are in possession of guns and weapons to stir violence, disrupt security, elections, cause mayhem and institute themselves as lawless fellows to be feared. They are being used by unscrupulous politicians during elections or daredevils to assassinate, intimidate and molest enemies. Although armed robbery has been reduced in Anambra State, but, one chance robbery, snatching of bags and phones, home burglary, internet theft and other minor pilfering have increased. Cases of rape and cultism are recurrent.

Key Actions

  1. Youth mobilization and sensitization.
  2. Training on dangers of deviance and delinquencies.
  3. Training on parenting: targeting parents.
  4. Entrepreneurial, Skills Acquisition and Vocational Training.
  5. Training in Agribusiness.
  6. Reorientation programs on dangers of illegal migration.
  7. Financial Empowerment.

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