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Environmental Justice


Improved environmental hygiene for urban and rural poor


Improved communal effort in observing clean environment


Increased commitment by policy makers to implement and monitor environmental sanitation.


Increased knowledge of citizens on impact of climate change.

Orphan and Vulnerable Children Improved wellbeing of orphans and vulnerable children


Reduced number of out of school vulnerable children (OVC)

Increased number of vulnerable household empowered.


Increased knowledge of citizens on child rights law.


Judiciary, Legal Aid and Prison Apostolate

Increased access to Justice to the poor and marginalized


Increased number of marginalized persons access justice with support from JDPC Onitsha and partners


Increased number of marginalised persons bringing human rights abuse report to JDPC Onitsha as a result of awareness of their Human rights.


Improved well-being of the targeted inmates as a result of materials provided for them


Targeted families and communities’ reduction of gender-based violence and promoting peace and gender rights


Democracy and Good Governance



Increased participation of women and other marginalized people in the democratic process



Promotion and practice of Social and gender inclusion among the stakeholders and communities


Community members began monitoring and reporting of government projects to JDPC Onitsha and other relevant authorities


Increased participation of the marginalized in the democratic process.


Economic and Social Justice


Improved livelihood of the poor in rural and urban communities


Improvement of livelihood for the poor in rural communities.

Impartation of knowledge of accessing micro credit and imbibing saving culture.

Emergency Response Humanitarian Interventions


Increased resilience to man and natural made disasters


Residents made necessary arrangements to move out of their location as soon as the flood begins


Relief materials provided and sent to the victims thereby improving their well-being and livelihood while the crisis lasts and also cushioned the effect of the crisis.


Traders increased knowledge on measures against fire outbreak through purchasing fire extinguisher in their various shops.

Youth Education and Entrepreneurship Enhanced entrepreneurial skills of youths to become economically self-dependent


Parents positive testimony on the proper parenting training

Youths empowered and trained on income generation started making income for themselves and others thereby reducing the rate of unemployment

  • Increased number of youths willingly coming for coaching and mentorship exercise


This strategy is based on the principles of the Catholic Social Teachings, which is a call for people to understand the day to day realities that poor and marginalized people experience throughout the world.  And most importantly, Catholic Social Teaching is a call to action – ‘calling us to look for creative solutions in the face of terrible oppression and despair, calling us not to lose sight of the world in which we want to live.’