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Emergency Response and Humanitarian Interventions

JDPC Onitsha engages in humanitarian services and work in order to promote human welfare, social reforms, relieve human suffering and maintain the dignity of the human person without bias on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, religious or ethnic divisions.

In Anambra State, people especially the riverine communities face the menace of flooding during raining season.  Also, in past three decades markets in the state experienced lots of fire outbreaks that had destroyed goods worth billions of naira, shops and loss of lives.


Often, there comes an inter-communal conflict generated by dispute over land. These have generated crisis and emergency situations in which lives were lost, houses destroyed, and many people rendered homeless.

Humanitarian crises can be triggered by a wide range of other situations that may include extreme sudden changes in employment/financial state, medical emergencies, hunger, epidemics, famine, armed conflicts, erosion menace and natural disasters. When such happens, the mostly affected are women, adolescents, pregnant women and children.

Key Actions

  1. Reorientation and sensitization of the traders on proactive measures against fire outbreak and need to embrace insurance schemes.
  2. Sensitization of residents of flood prone areas to heed timely warning on flooding.
  3. Sourcing and provision of relief materials.
  4. Sourcing for fund and offsetting bills – hospital, housing, charity, bursary, etc.
  5. Care for the aged and Community care.
  6. Advocacy to relevant authorities to take proactive measures to prevent, control or contain humanitarian crisis

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