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Judicial, Legal Aid And Prison Apostolate

Conceptually, this is offering legal assistance/support to the victims of any form of human rights abuses. States and citizens are perpetrators of the abuses. While state security operatives abuse citizens’ rights through illegal arrest, intimidation,

harassment and extortion; citizens on their part abuse their follow citizens through unlawful eviction of tenants, illegal and forceful acquiring of properties of the poor and vulnerable people as well as bribing the security operatives to intimidate and abuse the citizen’s rights.

It also includes bribing of judicial officers to perpetuate injustice against the poor in their administration of legal matters. Also, community obnoxious cultures like widowhood right abuses, women inheritance rights denial, early-child marriage, forced marriage, and other forms of societal human rights abuses like child/human trafficking, gender-based violence, rape and assault are among the common forms of human rights abuses in Anambra state.

Furthermore, government revenue collectors and illegal touts in the markets, motor parks and streets contribute to the abuse of rights of the traders and the general public

Outside the seat of power, the story is different. The markets in the State is one such place. Illegal toll collectors often collect any amount of money they like from tricycle operators (Keke), bus drivers, tipper drivers and any vehicle conveying goods within the State. Refusal to pay could lead to your vehicle being damaged or you get beaten up or even killed. Often these things are done in the presence of law enforcement officers. Police intimidation, unlawful arrests and exploitation are alarmingly great in Anambra State. Police extorts publicly without shame.


Consequently, the rising incidences of human rights abuses were occasioned by ignorance, poverty and high cost of obtaining legal services. The resultant effects are police cell congestion of suspects and prison cell congestion of those awaiting trial. To worsen the situation, police and prison cells are over-crowded with very poor sanitary and personal hygiene conditions that depict human habitation, thereby endangering their health and dignity to good life.


Key Actions

  1. Legal assistance to the poor and victims of human rights abuses .
  2. Provision of welfare materials and food to prison inmates.
  3. Intervention in families and communities to offer legal aid to victims of gender discrimination, cultural bias,  domestic violence, exploitation, abuses and trafficking in persons.
  4. Sensitization of Citizens on their fundamental rights and how to demand justice.
  5. Sensitization of police on human rights.and advocating for human right desk in the police.
  6. Networking with other organiations to advance justice and the course of human rights.
  7. Advocacy for legal reforms and the respect of human rights.

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