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There are four arms of JDPC in the Archdiocese of Onitsha - Parish JDPC (P-JDPC), Region Based JDPC, Young Catholic Professionals (YCP/JDPC and Students for JDPC (S-JDPC.

Student JDPC

Students in secondary school who are interested in volunteering their services to JDPC Onitsha and to also carry out activities involving Justice, development, peace and caritas within their schools can be members of Student JDPC members. To join Student JDPC in your School in Onitsha Archdiocese or to start such in your School, pleases contact [...]

Young Catholic Professionals

The Young Catholic Professionals is a group of young professionals from all works of life, like banking, teaching, medical etc. who want to participate in the development and justice activities of JDPC Onitsha. It is another type of volunteering within JDPC Onitsha. To join Young Catholic Professionals in your parish in Onitsha Archdiocese or to [...]

Parish JDPC

PARISH JDPC OR P-JDPC The number of parishes that have parish JDPC are now 82. It is one of the volunteers types in JDPC, with over 2000 members. Each year, all the parish JDPC in the Archdiocese during Easter and Christmas give out assorted foods, clothing materials and cash gift worth over Millions of Naira [...]