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Our Values

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    • Accountability: Because we believe it is the mark of responsibility
    • Commitment: Because we believe it drives our purpose and guarantees our success as a society
    • Service: Because we believe it is the path way to greatness and solidarity with humanity
    • Justice: Because we believe in justice ,the right judgment and equity to be established
    • Peace: Because we believe it creates an environment for a better society and peaceful co-existence
    • Sacrifice: Because we go extra mile to enhance the life of the vulnerable
    • Positive impactful Actions: Because we believe we must do something impactful to effect positive change

    A Society of Justice, Equity, Development and Peace

    To Promote the Dignity of the Vulnerable and Marginalized through the Provision of Basic Services.


    1. Knowledge and access to environmental justice among urban dwellers and other necessary stakeholders increased
    2. Access of orphan and vulnerable children to dignified living improved
    3. The rights of the victimized and vulnerable to access justice protected.
    4. Participation among the marginalized  in a democratic governance process increased
    5. Human livelihood in poor and  rural communities  improved
    6. People in need/emergency situations assisted
    7. Youth education and entrepreneurial skills for meaningful livelihood enhanced



    • Standardized trainings and capacity buildings for citizens, groups, and workers.
    • Youth education, entrepreneurship and empowerment
    • Sensitization of the general public on pertinent and emerging issues
    • Direct empowerment programmes (uplifting living conditions of the poor, vulnerable and marginalized).
    • Monitoring and Evaluation Mechanism
    • Advocacy (responding promptly through advocacy and activism to the need of the poor, marginalized and vulnerable in our immediate and remote environment).
    • Collaboration, Partnership and networking with other similar organizations and donor agencies
    • Organized Caritas and humanitarian services.
    • Stakeholders or power analysis and perception survey.

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