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Knowledge Sharing and Development Training for Executives of Archdiocese of Onitsha, Parish (P-JDPC) Executives

Capacity building is much more than the transfer of knowledge and skills to individuals and groups.  Effective capacity building also improves the performance of individuals, groups, organizations, sectors and systems and it lies at the heart of our approach to technical assistance.  Ultimately, JDPC Onitsha builds capacity at both the individual and institutional levels, improve knowledge, skills, resources and working relationshipsthat will lead to improvements in the performance of key initiatives for implementation of human development programmes.

On the 6th of April, 2019 JDPC Archdiocese of Lagos represented by Joe Nkamuke shared Lagos experience with the JDPC Archdiocese of Onitsha, P-JDPC and Regional Executives at Madonna Retreat Centre, Nkpor.  With this, gaps were identified and effective strategies for programme implementation developed.  This has enhanced our evidence-based and responsive approach to identifying priorities and applying more strength to core functions.  Over 200 programme volunteers and staff attended the seminar.


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