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Keke Project - JDPC Onitsha Sustainable Empowerment

JDPC Onitsha Sustainable Empowerment Keke Project

Keke (Tri-Cycle) is an empowerment based transportation support project aimed at
empowering interested committed publics in a sustainable way.

Six (6) additional Keke were given out at the cost of N 3,250,150 (Three million two hundred and fifty thousand one hundred and fifty naira were given to the willing operators.

This brought the total number of Keke Tri-cycle so far given out to twelve (12). JDPC Onitsha was supported by four new keke by a committed philanthropist to realize this goal.

Beneficiaries of this project have appreciated JDPC Onitsha for helping them to alleviate their poverty in a sustainable way.


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