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JDPC Onitsha and other V2P Partners in Anambra State organized Press Conference on the conditions of roads in Anambra State

Extract from the Press Release

We thank the media and civil society organizations for answering this call to discuss the state of roads in Anambra State. It is with utmost regard to all stakeholders and the government of the State that we are holding this briefing. We have praised our government in the past for its diligence in constructing and connecting all the local governments and  communities in the State. Our State was rated as the most connected in terms of roads network and we prided ourselves on that in the country.

We are not happy these networks of road are collapsing and potholes are all over the place across local governments and communities. When the government spends huge sums of money to construct roads and there is no sustained maintenance, many people complain and government should be mindful of the legacy it is working hard to leave behind in terms of the work it is doing in the State.

The Voice to the People (V2P) Partners in Anambra state (JDPC Onitsha, HOGI, , CRC and JDPC Nnewi) carried out evidence based assessment across the local government areas and came up with the conclusion that much attention needs to be given to the roads now. When roads are left to collapse, the costs are very high in terms of reconstruction, the pains and cost to vehicle maintenance to the people of the State and others that come to do business in the State.

The condition of many roads are deplorable from those being newly constructed to those that only require maintenance; from Ayamelum to Onitsha, to Nnewi to Ekwulobia to Awka, from Onitsha to Awka, the story is the same and needs good attention.

We are making an appeal to the government to look into these as people are in pains and we have only brought it out so that the government will hear it well.

We thank you and hope that there will positive responses to our call.


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