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Information Sharing And Strengthening of Parish JDPCS in Issele-Ukwu Diocese On 6th October 2019

JDPC Onitsha is becoming a force in building institutional capacity especially JDPC structures. Our typical formation has attained a significant level as we ensured that all the 183 parishes in Archdiocese of Onitsha have formidable and independent Parish based JDPC (P-JDPC) that will consolidate the activities of Archdiocesan JDPC in various communities.


This institutional strengthening was extended to Issele-ukwu diocese (St. Patrick’s Parish), West-end, Asaba, Delta State under the coordination of Rev. Fr. Johnbosco Ezeonwumelu, while the team of JDPC Onitsha was led by the Executive Director, Rev. Fr. Dr. Edwin Udoye.  About 40 representatives of different parishes in the diocese were present.


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