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CADOMICS 1 Micro-Credit.

History: CADOMICS 1 This is a Catholic based initiative on poverty alleviation which commenced in December 2014 to help manage a sustainable agricultural micro credit for the active poor, marginalized and vulnerable people in the riverside communities and have given out over N30 Million naira in revolving loan to empower 3,000 beneficiaries from 64 parishes in Onitsha Archdiocese.

Catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha Micro Credit (CADOMICS 1): The Programme focused on financial empowerment of the people in the Archdiocese of Onitsha. The Archbishop of Onitsha has supported CADOMICS 1, with more than 3, 000 beneficiaries since 2014.

Sponsor: Most. Rev. Valerian Okeke, Archibishop of Onitsha.

Name of Communities: The Project is being carried out in these communities:  Odeh, Odomagwu, Igbokenyi, Nzam, Mmiata-Anam and Umumbo.

No of beneficiaries reached.  Since its inception three thousand (3000) persons have benefitted from the project.


Community, Odeh

Duration in the Program, 4 years

Stories of change: Mrs Obidike Angelina reported that she was giving a soft loan of N50, 000, in which she invested into her yam business during the harvest season she was

Name of the Beneficiary:  Nwadili Evelyn

Community, Umumbo

Duration in the Program: 6months.

Stories of change: she was giving a soft loan of N50, 000 which she invested into her rice farm and garri processing the loan has enabled her expand her rice and garri business on a large scale from the profit she made from sales.

able to make profit that enable to her acquire additional land for farming.

Name of Beneficiary: Mr. Okafor Jonathan

Community: Umumbo

Duration in the Program: 6 Months

Stories of change: He was giving a soft loan of N50, 000 which he invested into his rice farming he was able to acquire additional land for farming and also expand his rice farming business.